Why Recovery Is Important

Why Recovery Is Important

In our busy lives, it appears we never have time to rest and recover. However, sometimes it helps to be able to grasp the importance of why we do things. For example, every athlete is taught the importance of recovery, but why?

During periods of rest and recuperation, our bodies repair and strengthen themselves. We must see recovery as a part of our work. – Without recovery, there is no performance. Physical stress on our bodies during exercise damages necessary tissues reduces, energy reserves, and depletes our fluid and nutritional levels.

In this article, we will explain why recovery is important...



An athlete will damage their body on a daily basis causing fatigue and tiredness. We can learn a lot from an athlete's routine in work and recovery; since they practice this repeatedly every week to prepare to perform at their peak during training and events. The more work done, the more recovery is required, leading to better performance.

We must first understand that that WORK = REST = REWARDS.

A certain amount of sleep is needed to function properly the next day. The same is true of recovery in fitness. An athlete who wins an event or performs at their best is not necessarily overworking or doing more repetitions - they've found the key balance between work, rest, and repeat in their fitness routine. A better quality of rest will result in faster muscle recovery.

This is why post workout recovery is critical to add into your active lifestyle. Check out our post recovery supplements – click the link below.

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