About Different Nutrition

Different Nutrition’s mission is to give everything into creating greater possibilities that fulfil your potential. It is our priority to help improve your health, wellness, performance through education, innovation and motivation. Your partner in attaining your true potential.

The vision for Different Nutrition was born out of personal experience and inadequacy. Founder, Richard Brindley has been dedicated to the Sports Industry since 2001 and health, nutrition and supplements have been major contributors throughout. 

Through the eyes of a professional athlete, as well as partnering with nutritionists who lead active lifestyles, we knew change needed to happen and that more could be done in this field to support the modern-day athlete. The truth is, we are all athletes; wanting to feel and be at our best mentally and physically.

This is why we're passionate about doing things differently and producing the best quality that contributes to your daily goals. We value the importance of your health, fitness and nutrition.

As a brand, our aim is to use our expertise and knowledge to curate new and improved ways to support you on your journey and we want you to become a part of the Different Nutrition Community. Thank you for your support.

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Our philosophy prioritises integrity, transparency, and service. If you have any questions about our products do not hesitate to contact our support team by emailing support@differentnutrition.com