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Different Nutrition

DN Shaker Bottle

DN Shaker Bottle

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ELITE WATER BOTTLE – sports supplement shaker also known as protein shaker bottle, gym bottle, workout bottle, sports water bottle.

Why hydration is important

Maintaining your body's hydration is essential to achieving optimal bodily functions. Most importantly, it keeps your organs working properly. A good supply of water will make you feel more focused and energetic.

In addition, it is good for your skin! By increasing your consumption of water, you improve your quality of life as well as your skin's appearance. There are still more benefits to staying hydrated. One of them is weight loss. Toxins in the body can only be eliminated by your kidneys when you drink enough water. Drinking enough water will make your kidneys do their job more efficiently.

Use the DN Shaker Bottle ANYWHERE!

DN shaker bottles are great for sporting activities or hydrating in the office. Simply take it to your place of work, put it on your desk, and empty it by the end of the day. You'll be hydrated, healthy, and happy.

You won't have to waste time, energy, or money buying multiple plastic bottles when you have our reusable friend. You'll be helping the environment too! It's the classiest and most convenient shaker in the gym. With a 600 ml capacity, it holds plenty of protein shakes, supplements or water without taking up all the space in your work/gym bag.

Simply add two level scoops of your favourite flavoured Different Nutrition powder products up to 300 ml of cold water, drop in the mixer ball, secure the lid, shake and feel the difference!

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